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An air-tight inflatable bottle was made for a customer with a height of 2.00 m. The bottle got a fully printed cover.
7. March 2018admin
For our customer we produced a 3.5 m high kettlebell. The object is made of polyester and was printed over the entire surface in the sublimation printing process.
6. March 2018admin
We produced for Jägermeister several inflatable Jägermeister bottles totaling 2.50 meters. The bottles have a double wooden base, inside a TPU coating and outside a fully printed b1 polyester cover. ... lesen Sie mehr
6. March 2018admin
For our customer we made two 3.00 m high light column with a diameter of 0.8 m. The light columns are made of polyester b1 and fully individually printed.
6. March 2018admin
For the social association Germany we produced a 6.00 m high inflatable hand.
23. February 2018admin
For our customer we produced a 5.00 m high nutcracker. The nutcracker got "real hair" that has been treated with b1 spray.
13. February 2018admin
We created for our costumer a 2.40 m high Deospray and a 2.50 m high shower gel bottle and a 2.40 m high deodorant.
13. February 2018admin
At the Toy Fair in Nuremberg Steiff presented one of our latest projects: A 3,50 m high plushteddybear and a 2,20 m high plushmonkey. Both figures are made with original ... lesen Sie mehr
6. February 2018admin
13. December 2017admin
13. December 2017admin