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We have produced an inflatable cube for "Pirelli". The dimensions are 5x5 m. The core of the cube is made of PVC, outside it has a fully printed polyester cover ... lesen Sie mehr
30. Mai 2018admin
For the "LVM insurance" we have produced an inflatable archway. Material: PVC 400 gr/qm fully printed. Internal dimensions: 8 x 4 meters. The tubes have a diameter of 1.50 m. ... lesen Sie mehr
23. Mai 2018admin
For our customer "Kemmler" we produced an inflatable PVC 400 gr/qm inlet sheet. The material was fully printed. Dimensions: 6×3 m inner dimension, tubes 1,30 m diameter.
23. Mai 2018admin
We produced a walking act for the "Rhein Vikings". The Viking is a strong character who will create a great atmosphere in handball.
22. Mai 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable start/finish sheet for our customer. Material polyester fully printed.
18. Mai 2018admin
We have created an inflatable giant arch for our customer. The dimensions are 10 m x 5 m inside and tubes with a diameter of 180 cm. The external dimensions ... lesen Sie mehr
16. Mai 2018admin
For our customer "Sprint" we have produced an inflatable dispenser for roof advertising. Material: PVC 400 gr fully printed. Pillar dimensions: 5m height plus 50 cm base. The column is ... lesen Sie mehr
3. Mai 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable gas bottle for our customer. It is 2.50 meters large and fully printed in 4c. The surface consists of 400 gr/qm PVC.
3. Mai 2018admin
For "Enzinger" we have produced an inflatable archway made of fully printed polyester. The inside dimensions are: 3m x2,10m. The tubes have a diameter of 0.90m.
27. April 2018admin
For "Pirelli" we have created an inflatable archway. Material: Polyester, b1 - full-surface sublimation printing - Dimensions: width 8.00 m Height: 4.00 m Tubes diameter: approx. 1.60 m.
24. April 2018admin