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We created a big archway for the "iron road for children"-event. This archway is made of PVC fully printed according to customer specifications. The inner dimensions of the archway are ... lesen Sie mehr
27. Juli 2017admin
We made two costumes as a walking act. The two bottles are 2 m high and represent the current models of VIO. The material is plush and polyester. The viewing ... lesen Sie mehr
20. Juli 2017admin
We made an openable archway for our customer Special Olympics Deutschland in Bayern e.V., which is considered as the starting and finishing line. The surface is made of PVC 430 ... lesen Sie mehr
19. Juli 2017admin
We produced a couch as walking act for our customer Kemner Home Company. Our customer is able to advertise for different promotions with the exchangeable banners.
18. Juli 2017admin
We made four 4 m high TetraPack milk packs for our customer. Due to the construction with a polyester sleeve, printed in high-quality sublimation printing process, the packs have a ... lesen Sie mehr
18. Juli 2017admin
We produced an inflatable 2.50 m high can for our customer Bemble Apfelwein. The material is B1 polyester and it has been produced in high-quality sublimation printing process.
18. Juli 2017admin
We ordered a fire department bouncy castle to lease it. The bouncy castle is a combination of a bouncy castle and a slide. The dimensions are 6x5m. The rent is 150€ ... lesen Sie mehr
20. Juni 2017admin
Since the middle of 2017 we are certificated partner of McDonalds and are allowed to deliver advertised products for them. For example we have as inflatable roof advertisement Fries bags, ... lesen Sie mehr
20. Juni 2017admin
We made a inflatable pomegranate chili liqueur bottle for our customer.
15. Juni 2017admin
We produced a big inflatable can for our france customer. It is 4m high, made of polyester and printed in the sublimation printing process.
13. Juni 2017admin