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For "Saturn" we have produced inflatable airtight advertising columns. Material inside: TPU, material outside: polyester b1. Height 2.20 m - Diameter: 0.60 m.
24. April 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable giant condom in airtight design for an exhibition of the Military History Museum of the Federal Armed Forces Dresden. Dimensions of the condom: 7.50 m. ... lesen Sie mehr
19. April 2018admin
For the "TÜV Hessen" we have produced an inflatable wall. It measures altogether 3.00m x 1.90m x 1.00m. Material: Polyester b1, fully sublimation printed.
17. April 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable cube tent for the "PSD bench". The tent stands on an area of 4×4 meters and has different banners. The tent can be used as ... lesen Sie mehr
12. April 2018admin
For our customer "PRIMETIME fitness" we have produced an inflatable archway in a special shape. The width is inside dimension 6 m and height inside 4,50 m. The logo was ... lesen Sie mehr
12. April 2018admin
We have produced inflatable lighters for our customers. The lighters were individually printed and can be illuminated from the inside. The height is approx. 2.70 m. They stand on a ... lesen Sie mehr
4. April 2018admin
For a customer in Switzerland we made 2 inflatable L-gate arches. The arches are made of PVC 400 gr/qm, were fully printed and have interchangeable banners with Velcro on both ... lesen Sie mehr
4. April 2018admin
For the Eisbären Berlin we made an inflatable advertising set: a advertising pillar 4 m high, a Spider-Tent 5x5 m, an inflatable puck at 3m height and an inflatable gate ... lesen Sie mehr
13. March 2018admin
We produced for our customer HAIX an inflatable shoe within 2 weeks. The shoe is 3.5 m high and almost 4.0 m long. Material polyester b1 with sublimation pressure.
8. March 2018admin
We produced a walking act as Einstein in zebra look for Jearltech. Kleinstein will make instructional videos and act as a promotional figure.
8. March 2018admin