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Our full printed arch is made of PVC 350 gr/qm or 430 gr/qm. We can print it customized with sublimation print. The Size is customized. For any questions, please call ... lesen Sie mehr
21. July 2016admin
We produced an inflatable gas tank in original size and full printed for our customer Progas.
21. July 2016admin
For our customer K+S we build a full print inflatable barrel. We build it within 4 weeks.
21. July 2016admin
For the client Rio-Fest we created a 10 m high replica of the Jesus statue, which stands on the Corcovado in Rio. The figure will soon be used at Brazilian ... lesen Sie mehr
21. July 2016admin
inflatable archway
We created an inflatable arch for the german bank called "Sparkasse". The internal dimensions are 4 x 6 m and the tubes have a diameter of 1.10 m.
21. July 2016admin
The inflatable oil can is about 2.5 m high and printed with sublimation print. For better stability there is a wooden bottom.
21. July 2016admin
flying inflatable cube
The inflatable flying cube is about 4,5 m high and 2,5 m wide. You can fill it with helium to let fly.
21. July 2016admin
flying inflatable arrow
The inflatable flying arrow is about 3,5 m long and about 12 m³ big. You can fill it with helium to let it fly.
21. July 2016admin
The inflatable UFO has a diameter of about 4 meters, we have made the inflatable UFO for a stage production.
21. July 2016admin
We produced two more inflatable oil cans for our customer Total. The blower is on a wooden base, which is for more stability. The blower is very quiet so that ... lesen Sie mehr
20. July 2016admin