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30 years of inflatable advertising with AIR promotion (1985-2015)

The ESSO tiger was the first inflatable character developed by AIR promotion GmbH and marketed internationally – the furthest one stood as advertising on the roof of a petrol station in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico). In the last 30 years, almost every brand manufacturer has used inflatable advertising by AIR promotion. All inflatable objects are easy to transport, require minimal storage capacity, are mobile and reusable.
Esso Tiger aufblasbar

Today, not only product replicas, but giant figures and posters, advertising media and toys like jumping castles, slides and entire projects for indoor and outdoor use are being realised. The effectiveness and efficiency of mega displays as PoS advertisements for events, exhibitions etc. are undisputed. Inflatable advertising works!

Something special developed by AIR promotion is the concept of licence-free, giant advertising on roofs. We offer a national grid of locations, e.g. on petrol station roofs.

Inflatable advertisements can be used in many ways. We discuss your needs with you, clarify the feasibility and within two to six weeks deliver your project to any location in the world. For more complex projects, we offer specialised staff for support on site or supervision of the entire project.

Inflatable advertising figures are more affordable than you think!

Discuss your individual projects of inflatable characters or advertising media with us. We offer free advice and prepare a quotation as per your requirements. Give us a non-committal call!

What does Inflatables mean?

We define Inflatables as air-filled objects. These can be airtight or continuously inflated by a blower. Objects with a permanent blower are made to last, are usually sewn by hand and mostly individually tailored for the customer. Airtight objects however are welded. Examples of the most common items are air mattresses, beach balls or helium balloons.

Inflatable figures

We offer advice on your individual inflatable figures. Besides 8m large hulks, giant dolls for theatre and opera or the 8m high Trojan horse, we have modelled many characters that received admiration and astonishment. We either printed on these replicas, airbrushed them or just delivered a white object, which the customer could work on himself. Every product with inflatable figures is unique! Give us a non-committal call and discuss your project with us!