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Foodtrucks are trendy and which thought is closer than placing an inflatable object on the truck roof?! In this case a 3.00 meters high inflatable cooking cap. The cooking cap ... lesen Sie mehr
5. Mai 2017admin
The inflatable sausage in baguette is about 5.00 meter long and 1.30 meter high. It is used as a inflatable roof advertisement to show as many customers as possible the ... lesen Sie mehr
24. April 2017admin
We produced this 5x5 tent for our customer Metallbau Huser. Because of a special customer request it is possible to separate the removable walls in the middle by a zipper. ... lesen Sie mehr
31. März 2017admin
We created an inflatable briefcase as a pool, fill up with balls, to the start of the movie "The Boss Baby" for our customer Hammer Promotion in Berlin. The case ... lesen Sie mehr
21. März 2017admin
inflatable art arch
You can rent this inflatable art figure in form of an archway. The rent per week is net EUR 1,200, - plus delivery.
6. März 2017admin
For roof top advertising we produced this inflatable cup. This inflatable cup is for the roof of a bakery to promote coffee for take away. The cup is made of ... lesen Sie mehr
28. Februar 2017admin
Inflatable Grumpy Cat
We produced a huge inflatable Grump Cat for the new OPEL campaign #OpelGoesGrumpy. The High End inflatable is 6 meter high and is fully inflated in less than 5 minutes. ... lesen Sie mehr
2. Februar 2017admin
inflatable arch
We created a new inflatable arch for the Danone Nations Cup. The inside dimension of the arch is 6 m x 4 m, the tubes have a diameter of 1.10 ... lesen Sie mehr
23. Januar 2017admin
inflatable figure clipperman
Clipperman - the star of the inflatable figures! With the customer we designed the kind 2,70 m high inflatable and illuminated figure. At the POS Clipperman radiates the customers and ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Januar 2017admin
inflatable santa claus
We are in company holidays and closed from 22nd of December until 01st of January. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year!
21. Dezember 2016admin