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For our customer Allkauf-Haus we produced an air dancer. This 6 m high air dancer are fully printed and they're dancing happy in the sun. We would be very happy ... lesen Sie mehr
14. Oktober 2016admin
For roof top advertising we produced this inflatable cup for our customer Hamburg Gourmet. This inflatable cup is for the roof of the company to promote soups for take away. ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Oktober 2016admin
We designed an inflatable mescot for our customer bob-Finance. Bob is the figure of bob-Finance and is used as mascot before volleyball matches for the financial services provider. This cute ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Oktober 2016admin
inflatable column
This Inflatable advertising column is with led light inside and so perfect medium to present your product. The Inflatable advertising column is about 2,50 m high and diameter is about ... lesen Sie mehr
4. Oktober 2016admin
inflatable seal
We produced this cute inflatable seal with earth on nose as mascot for the jubilee of Reformation next year. The inflatable animal is about 3,00 m high with earth. It ... lesen Sie mehr
30. September 2016admin
This inflatable world with diameter 100 cm will be used for exhibitions. The red points show the bases of the company.
28. September 2016admin
We produced the incredible Hulk and Albert Einstein as giant inflatable figure for our customer in the past. The new Hulk is also about 7,5 m high and looks like ... lesen Sie mehr
26. September 2016admin
inflatable Mc Donald’s fries
These inflatable fries are about 5,00 m high and will be used on roof of Mc Donald's store in the south of Germany.
26. September 2016admin
inflatable heart
The inflatable heart will be used for exhibitions to hang it from ceiling. For this reason fixing points are at top of heart which is in total 2 m high.
21. September 2016admin
The inflatable figure Allbert is the sympatic mascot of allkauf Haus GmbH which we produced 5 times.
19. September 2016admin