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New XXL inflatable shoe for Würth-Modyf An inflatable shoe 4 metres high and 5 metres long decorates many sporting events where Würth-Modyf is a sponsor. The shoe is transported in a bag ... lesen Sie mehr
5. March 2023admin
Inflatable giant leaf with flightcase For a customer in Switzerland we built two inflatable giant leaves with one flightcase each. The two inflatables each have a height of 4 meters. The ... lesen Sie mehr
8. October 2019admin
For the Agency Werbung etc. we produced inflatable garbage objects, which should represent the problems of garbage up to peeing in the wild for the city of Stuttgart. Thus ... lesen Sie mehr
8. October 2019admin
For the customer GUA Sun we produced an inflatable bottle in 8m height. The material is PVC and was printed on both sides. In addition, a lemon was placed on ... lesen Sie mehr
18. September 2019admin
For the customer Bosch we produced an inflatable cordless screwdriver in 2.50 m height. The cordless screwdriver can be packed in sports bag size and is assembled within 2 minutes. ... lesen Sie mehr
18. September 2019admin
For the event "Digitaler Kindergarten" in Hamburg we produced a 6m high inflatable giant smartphone. The smartphone can be set up in 5 minutes and only needs to be secured ... lesen Sie mehr
17. September 2019admin
We have produced two beautiful inflatable bottles in 3m height. Material is polyester 280 gr/qm with b1 certificate. Printing: full sublimation printing. The bottles have a wooden floor as stand, ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
For Bauhaus in Münster we have built an inflatable giant cake in a height of 4m and a diameter of almost 4m. The cake was fully printed and decorated with ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
Playmobil will bring its first film to the cinemas this year: Playmobil - The Movie - One of the stars of the series is Del with his Foodtruck and the ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
For our regular customer, the Schussenrieder Brewery, we have produced a 3.5 m high inflatable beer mug. This product replica is made of polyester and printed on the entire surface ... lesen Sie mehr
28. August 2019admin