Tag: inflatable replica

For the HBC Radiomatic we have produced an inflatable product replica or rather product enlargement. The inflatable object is to be used on an exhibition stand. Dimensions: 4 m long ... lesen Sie mehr
28. August 2019admin
We built inflatable Tabasco bottles. These are approx. 2.50 m high, with wooden stand and LED lighting. The material is polyester b1 fully printed with sublimation printing.
28. August 2019admin
We have produced new inflatable lighters in 2,75 m height. These are advertising columns in special form on a wooden base on which a blower and LED lighting were installed. ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
For a theatre production we built a 2.00 m high and 2.50 m wide anatomic heart made of 300 g/m² polyester. The heart was not printed, because the theatre wants to ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
For an AVIA filling station we have built a new eye-catcher for the roof: a 5.00 m high coffee cup on a 1.00 m high inflatable base will soon be ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
For a customer in Austria we produced a 2.50 m high inflatable corncob. The corn cob stands on a wooden base with permanent fan and LED lighting. The material is ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
aufblasbarer Schuh
We have produced a 5m long and 2m high inflatable sneaker. It has a moulded 3D sole on the front of the shoe, the rest is digitally printed. The upper ... lesen Sie mehr
4. Februar 2019admin
inflatable prezel
For our customer "Elsass Bäcker" we have built an inflatable pretzel in special form: The pretzel is set up on the track during bike races and the Alsace Baker sells ... lesen Sie mehr
16. August 2018admin
inflatable beer bottle
For "Gässli-Bräu" in Switzerland we have produced an inflatable beer bottle 2.50 m high. The bottle is made of polyester b1, has a wooden stand with permanent blower and LED ... lesen Sie mehr
15. August 2018admin
inflatable bird 5m
We produced an inflatable bird at a height of 5m for the "Sita Airport IT" in Düsseldorf. The bird should sit as an object in front of the office on ... lesen Sie mehr
28. Juli 2018admin