Tag: inflatable replica

6. December 2017admin
We built an inflatable rocket for the booth from Factor A at the DEMEXKO. The rocket is illuminated from the inside and hangs on the ceiling. Material Polyester B1, printed ... lesen Sie mehr
14. November 2017admin
We built for our customer Revoil from Greece a 5m high panther. The material is black and brushed. He is to be used as a roof advertisement and has got ... lesen Sie mehr
2. November 2017admin
inflatable bottle
The inflatable water bottles are about 1,70 m high and full printed with sublimation print. They have a very stabil wooden bottom and they keep in shape by an permanent ... lesen Sie mehr
12. December 2016admin
This shoe rocket is an amazing eye catcher! The inflatable figure is about 5 m high. It is devided into a big cloud in green and blue and two shoes ... lesen Sie mehr
19. October 2016admin
Our inflatable XXL sofa is about 4,00 m high and 8,00 m long. For prasentation of the new video cube in the Arena auf Schalke it is used the first ... lesen Sie mehr
18. October 2016admin
We have produced another inflatable fries bag 5 m high for McDonals restaurant in Glinde. The inflatable replica should promote the opening of a new restaurant near the A24. The ... lesen Sie mehr
18. October 2016admin
inflatable Elephant
For our longtime customer Metzeler we produced 4 new blue inflatable elephants. One elephant is about 5 m high and the 3 little once are 2,50 m high. The elephants ... lesen Sie mehr
21. July 2016admin
We produced an inflatable gas tank in original size and full printed for our customer Progas.
21. July 2016admin
We produced two more inflatable oil cans for our customer Total. The blower is on a wooden base, which is for more stability. The blower is very quiet so that ... lesen Sie mehr
20. July 2016admin