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At the Viscom 2017 in Düsseldorf we presented our highlights from our product range. We showed our inflatable exhibition wall, inflatable bottles, a 5m high inflatable giraffe, a 5m high ... lesen Sie mehr
3. November 2017admin
We built for our customer Revoil from Greece a 5m high panther. The material is black and brushed. He is to be used as a roof advertisement and has got ... lesen Sie mehr
2. November 2017admin
26. Oktober 2017admin
inflatable figure clipperman
Clipperman - the star of the inflatable figures! With the customer we designed the kind 2,70 m high inflatable and illuminated figure. At the POS Clipperman radiates the customers and ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Januar 2017admin
inflatable santa claus
We are in company holidays and closed from 22nd of December until 01st of January. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year!
21. Dezember 2016admin
For the Tour 2016/2017 of David Garret we developed an 7 m high inflatable Marshmallow-Ghost. The Ghost is in a Flight-Case and can be rolled to the stage. After starting ... lesen Sie mehr
16. November 2016admin
This shoe rocket is an amazing eye catcher! The inflatable figure is about 5 m high. It is devided into a big cloud in green and blue and two shoes ... lesen Sie mehr
19. Oktober 2016admin
We designed an inflatable mescot for our customer bob-Finance. Bob is the figure of bob-Finance and is used as mascot before volleyball matches for the financial services provider. This cute ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Oktober 2016admin
We produced the incredible Hulk and Albert Einstein as giant inflatable figure for our customer in the past. The new Hulk is also about 7,5 m high and looks like ... lesen Sie mehr
26. September 2016admin
The inflatable figure Allbert is the sympatic mascot of allkauf Haus GmbH which we produced 5 times.
19. September 2016admin