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inflatable figure
Our inflatable figure clipperman seems to be the coolest lighter on the world. Clippermann is ca. 2,65 m high and has a diameter of 0,60 m.
21. Juli 2016admin
For the client Rio-Fest we created a 10 m high replica of the Jesus statue, which stands on the Corcovado in Rio. The figure will soon be used at Brazilian ... lesen Sie mehr
21. Juli 2016admin
In addition to the Hulk, we also produced a 7.5m high advertising figure for our customer Aga-Saat, which looks like Albert Einstein. This advertising figure we have printed on request ... lesen Sie mehr
1. April 2016admin
For our customer Aga-Saat we built a 7.5m high giant figure, which is to draw attention to the seed Hulk. The figure was printed on customer's request both in corporate ... lesen Sie mehr
1. April 2016admin
It is soon Easter and the Easter bunny has already been sighted. He is currently on his way to Großenbrode. By the way the Easter bunny is not small, about ... lesen Sie mehr
15. März 2016admin
On request, we have an Uncle Sam. It is 5m high!  
21. Januar 2016admin