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inflatable pigs
We have produced four inflatable pigs for the DG-Verlag. The airtight pigs are intended as car roof advertising. Material inside: PVC, Outside: Polyester.
10. September 2018admin
inflatable prezel
For our customer "Elsass Bäcker" we have built an inflatable pretzel in special form: The pretzel is set up on the track during bike races and the Alsace Baker sells ... lesen Sie mehr
16. August 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable beaver for our customer "Stadtentwässerung Dresden". The material is 0.30 mm PVC. The beaver is 2 m high and sits on a raft. He is ... lesen Sie mehr
25. Juni 2018admin
inflatable soccer player 10 m
For the biggest public viewing in Cologne we created a 10 meter high inflatable Lukas Podolski with Rakuten logo. Material polyester b1, external blower. The big Podolski stood the whole ... lesen Sie mehr
25. Juni 2018admin
inflatable man
For our customer we have made a 3m high inflatable Bussi figure.
24. Juni 2018admin
For our customer we produced a 5.00 m high nutcracker. The nutcracker got "real hair" that has been treated with b1 spray.
13. Februar 2018admin
We produced for our customer Viessmann an inflatable icebar. The dimensions are 4m x 1.5m x 4m.
8. Dezember 2017admin
6. Dezember 2017admin
We built an inflatable rocket for the booth from Factor A at the DEMEXKO. The rocket is illuminated from the inside and hangs on the ceiling. Material Polyester B1, printed ... lesen Sie mehr
14. November 2017admin
3. November 2017admin