Themen: Inflatable News

A Tolino Easy Up for Hugendubel was made for sample first. With this Easy Up you should point to the Reader Tolino, on which Ebooks are readable.   Click here ... lesen Sie mehr
8. May 2015admin
Inflatable Giant Heart for State Theater Stuttgart The heart is approx. 6 m in size, was delivered by us and colored through the painting office in the state theater Stuttgart. Christina Schmitt ... lesen Sie mehr
28. April 2015admin
inflatable bottle
Two inflatable taxofit bottles are used at various events and they found their first use in a marathon. Its size is approx. 5 m.   Click here for our inflatable ... lesen Sie mehr
24. April 2015admin
The inflatable kettlebell from Under Amour is 2.5 m tall. Not suitable for training, but a super eyecatcher.   Click here for our inflatable replicas
17. April 2015admin
These two giant lead pencils "STOP-TTIP" which are approx. 3 m high are delivered for They are a giant eye-catcher and are attracting attention with their size and the ... lesen Sie mehr
26. March 2015admin
This inflatable measuring wall is part of a further stand for SONY. Good to see is the second cover, which provides for a smooth surface and which can of course ... lesen Sie mehr
4. March 2015admin
An illuminated giant beer glass makes you want more. It is about 4 m high and inflatable. Even the water pearls on the outside of the glass look authentic and ... lesen Sie mehr
14. January 2015admin
We were commissioned to produce inflatable Wrigley cans at 2.5 m height. These are product replicas of the normal Wrigley extra cans. Maybe you will meet these cans at the ... lesen Sie mehr
12. December 2014admin