Themen: Inflatable News

For Pepsi we have made 14 inflatable cans in the look of Rockstar Lime and Guarana. A can is about 2.50 m high, has a solid wooden bottom and inflated ... lesen Sie mehr
15. August 2015admin
inflatable car
We developed an inflatable DRK car as a first aid training for the DRK in cooperation with the DRK. Through its construction, first-aid exercises can be simulated even more realistic. ... lesen Sie mehr
13. August 2015admin
This is an airtight advertisingband with a height of approx. 2 m and a width of approx. 8 m. The advertisingband is to be used on the water. Advertising banners ... lesen Sie mehr
11. August 2015admin
inflatable bucket
An inflatable giant bucket for the Meffert AG inking units. Is there a better way to detect color? We do not think. The colors alone stand out in the eye. ... lesen Sie mehr
27. Juni 2015admin
Looking for an inflatable giant lion? Here you will probably find one of the biggest lions in the world: an inflatable lion in 10m. We would be glad to provide ... lesen Sie mehr
26. Juni 2015admin
inflatable archway
An inflatable arch for the Lausitzer sewage technology should it be. As can be seen here, this was implemented with an outstanding print. The water looks extremly realistic.  ... lesen Sie mehr
23. Juni 2015admin
An inflatable heart for the campaign New neighbors from the Archbishopric of Cologne makes the hearts beat faster. With a height of 4 meters and a width of 3 meters, ... lesen Sie mehr
12. Juni 2015admin
Our beautiful inflatable arch in very refreshing summer colors has the outside dimensions of approx. 6 mx 4 m, which makes it very well placed over a road. At the ... lesen Sie mehr
11. Juni 2015admin
The summer can come - our inflatable sundae from Ben & Jerry's is 2.50 m big and advertises for the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream "Speculoos Specu-Love".  ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Juni 2015admin
An inflatable arch for Bosch, which can be put right across the street. The arch we produced has an internal dimension of 7 m x 3 m and white visually ... lesen Sie mehr
18. Mai 2015admin