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We build this coloured printed arch with internal dimensions 3 x 5 m for our customer. It is working with a permanent blower.
24. April 2016admin
The archway is inflatable and has horizontal feet for higher stability. The inside dimensions are approx. 6.00 m x 4.00 m. The tubes have a diameter of approx. 0.90 m.  
22. Februar 2016admin
This inflatable archway has an internal dimension of approx. 6.00 m x 3.00 m and a tube diameter of approx. 1.30 m. The arch is produced in the EU and ... lesen Sie mehr
22. Februar 2016admin
In front of the north east entrance of PSI 2016 stood our square archway. The arch has an internal dimension of approximately 6 x 4 m meters and the tubes ... lesen Sie mehr
29. Januar 2016admin
This inflatable archway with feet has an internal dimension of approx. 6 x 4 m. The tubes have a diameter of approx. 1.10 m. The changeable banners are located on ... lesen Sie mehr
25. Januar 2016admin
Just in time for the ski season, an inflatable archway with the inner dimensions of approx. 8 mx 4 m is delivered to the black forest. The tubes of the ... lesen Sie mehr
18. Dezember 2015admin
inflatable archway
An inflatable arch for the Lausitzer sewage technology should it be. As can be seen here, this was implemented with an outstanding print. The water looks extremly realistic.  ... lesen Sie mehr
23. Juni 2015admin
Our beautiful inflatable arch in very refreshing summer colors has the outside dimensions of approx. 6 mx 4 m, which makes it very well placed over a road. At the ... lesen Sie mehr
11. Juni 2015admin
An inflatable arch for Bosch, which can be put right across the street. The arch we produced has an internal dimension of 7 m x 3 m and white visually ... lesen Sie mehr
18. Mai 2015admin
This great arch is located in Berlin at the Müggelturm and is 8 m x 5.2 m in size. The motive of the Müggelturm could not be missed on the ... lesen Sie mehr
13. Mai 2015admin