Tag: airtight object

We have built an inflatable puck for the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Slovakia. The puck was used at the closing ceremony as an advertising object for the ... lesen Sie mehr
17. September 2019admin
inflatable pigs
We have produced four inflatable pigs for the DG-Verlag. The airtight pigs are intended as car roof advertising. Material inside: PVC, Outside: Polyester.
10. September 2018admin
budweiser inflatable bouy bottle
Buoys as advertising bottles: we have individually printed airtight Budweiser beer bottles at a height of 2.50 m made of PVC 900 g/m2 over the entire surface. These are used ... lesen Sie mehr
8. June 2018admin
For "Saturn" we have produced inflatable airtight advertising columns. Material inside: TPU, material outside: polyester b1. Height 2.20 m - Diameter: 0.60 m.
24. April 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable giant condom in airtight design for an exhibition of the Military History Museum of the Federal Armed Forces Dresden. Dimensions of the condom: 7.50 m. ... lesen Sie mehr
19. April 2018admin