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Messe objekte aufblasbar
We have delivered this 3 m x 3 m x 1.5 m inflatable product imitation with printed cushions and additional cooling elements. It is also suitable for hanging constructions and ... lesen Sie mehr
10. Oktober 2014admin
This 3 m x 3 m inflatable pyramid was made for World Children's Day for the German Child Protection Association. The pyramid has a burr system at the edges, with ... lesen Sie mehr
24. September 2014admin
Inflatable Guild logo We have supplied an inflatable guild logo to the central cooperative of the European meat market industie eG. This 4 meter wide inflatable guild logo is just right ... lesen Sie mehr
19. September 2014admin
inflatable calabash
With our inflatable giant pumpkin every party becomes the highlight. The 5 meter high inflatable Halloween symbol is illuminated from the inside and provides a gloomy hour for the right ... lesen Sie mehr
17. September 2014admin
This hexagonal inflatable cuboid has a diameter of 2 m and is approximately 2 m long. The color selection offers good detection on long distances, so this inflatable hexagon finds ... lesen Sie mehr
10. September 2014admin
inflatable crown
For our customer, we have delivered the 6 m high inflatable crown at the opening of the new Palais Vest shopping center in Recklinghausen. To bridge the Attica we installed ... lesen Sie mehr
9. September 2014admin
For the art exhibition "Götzes Pop" in Kunstforum Halle, we have delivered an inflatable 4 m dog for the porch of the Kunstforum. The dog will advertise in an exposed ... lesen Sie mehr
9. September 2014admin
The ideal partner for trade fairs: Inflatable cube in 4m x 4m With its size of 4m x 4m, this cube is visible from afar and ensures the best possible recognition ... lesen Sie mehr
3. September 2014admin
Today we were able to hand over the 8 m high and approximately 6 m long Trojansian horse to our customer Friends of the Earth Europe in a Sneak Preview ... lesen Sie mehr
21. August 2014admin
Aufblasbarer Esso-Tiger
The Esso-Tiger lives! Although not in Germany, he has been sent to Cyprus as a dying species. Perhaps so can survive the survival of the last Esso-Tiger in the wild. Support ... lesen Sie mehr
12. August 2014admin