Tag: sublimation

We made four 4 m high TetraPack milk packs for our customer. Due to the construction with a polyester sleeve, printed in high-quality sublimation printing process, the packs have a ... lesen Sie mehr
18. Juli 2017admin
We produced an inflatable 2.50 m high can for our customer Bemble Apfelwein. The material is B1 polyester and it has been produced in high-quality sublimation printing process.
18. Juli 2017admin
We produced a big inflatable can for our france customer. It is 4m high, made of polyester and printed in the sublimation printing process.
13. Juni 2017admin
We made this archway for the Mathematikum in Gießen. It has an outer dimension of 6 x 4 m with a tube diameter of 1 m. The material is 320g ... lesen Sie mehr
30. Mai 2017admin
We produced a individual inflatable tent with energy-cans at the entrance: made of polyester, full-surface sublimation printed, 4 entrance doors with zipper. Set-up time 5 minutes, removal time 8 minutes. ... lesen Sie mehr
23. Mai 2017admin
We built a 3 meter high inflatable beer bottle for our customer. It is made of B1-polyester and it is completly printed with the sublimation printing process. The bottle stands ... lesen Sie mehr
17. Mai 2017admin