Tag: roof advertisement

The 5.50 m large ball on a one-metre high base is installed on a roof and thus acts as long-distance advertising for the nearby motorway. It is made of polyester ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
We produced an inflatable roof advertisement for a dm drugstore in Fürth. The advertising triangle was fully printed according to the customer's wishes and was built on the roof by ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
inflatable bird 5m
We produced an inflatable bird at a height of 5m for the "Sita Airport IT" in Düsseldorf. The bird should sit as an object in front of the office on ... lesen Sie mehr
28. July 2018admin
inflatable gas-bottle
For our customer Westfalen-Gas we produced an inflatable gas bottle in 3m height. Material: PVC fully printed. So the slightly shiny PVC looks similar to the metal bottle.
14. June 2018admin
For our customer "Sprint" we have produced an inflatable dispenser for roof advertising. Material: PVC 400 gr fully printed. Pillar dimensions: 5m height plus 50 cm base. The column is ... lesen Sie mehr
3. May 2018admin
Foodtrucks are trendy and which thought is closer than placing an inflatable object on the truck roof?! In this case a 3.00 meters high inflatable cooking cap. The cooking cap ... lesen Sie mehr
5. May 2017admin