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Inflatable giant leaf with flightcase For a customer in Switzerland we built two inflatable giant leaves with one flightcase each. The two inflatables each have a height of 4 meters. The ... lesen Sie mehr
8. October 2019admin
We have produced an 8 m high inflatable bath duck for Generali in Switzerland. The giant duck is used at Züri Fäscht and placed on a floating pontoon. The inflatable ... lesen Sie mehr
18. September 2019admin
As cinema advertising for the film Pets 2 we produced six inflatable dogs at a height of 5m. The dogs are used for roof or cinema advertising to promote the ... lesen Sie mehr
18. September 2019admin
For Bauhaus in Münster we have built an inflatable giant cake in a height of 4m and a diameter of almost 4m. The cake was fully printed and decorated with ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
Playmobil will bring its first film to the cinemas this year: Playmobil - The Movie - One of the stars of the series is Del with his Foodtruck and the ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
We were again allowed to make a fluffy walking act costume. This "pig dog" is approx. 2.00 m tall and was sewn by hand from plush and polyester. Overcome the ... lesen Sie mehr
28. August 2019admin
We have produced new inflatable lighters in 2,75 m height. These are advertising columns in special form on a wooden base on which a blower and LED lighting were installed. ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
We have again produced an inflatable polar bear for our customer Viessmann. The polar bear sits on an inflatable base with a customer logo and has an exchangeable printed loaf. ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
For " Bullyland " we produced Mickey Mouse figures as GFK figures. These are to be set up in various Disney stores as POS advertising. Mickey Mouse stands on a ... lesen Sie mehr
17. August 2018admin