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We were allowed to build a spider tent to help injured children's souls. It is made of polyester, 6x4m large and fully printed in a sublimation process. We are enthusiastic ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
As a new version in the category tent we now have Spider-Tents with the dimensions 6x4m. It is made of polyester 300 g/m² and can be closed with single walls.
27. August 2019admin
For our customer IT-Haus we have produced an inflatable Air Dome tent. The tent has an outer diameter of 8.50 m and is 4.90 m high. The material is PVC ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
inflatable spider tent
For "Atlas shoes" we have produced an inflatable promotion tent. The tent has an outside dimension of 4x4m, has 4 doors and was fully individually printed.
10. September 2018admin
inflatable tent tunnel
For our customer "BINGEN - RÜDESHEIMER FÄHR- und SCHIFFAHRTSGESELLSCHAFT" we have produced two inflatable tents. The material is PVC 400 gr/qm in standard colour blue and white. In addition, a ... lesen Sie mehr
13. June 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable cube tent for the "PSD bench". The tent stands on an area of 4×4 meters and has different banners. The tent can be used as ... lesen Sie mehr
12. April 2018admin
spider tent
We produced an inflatable spider tent for the Chamber of Crafts Magdeburg. The measurements are 5x5 m. It is totally customized printed and got 3 walls you can zipp in ... lesen Sie mehr
16. December 2016admin
The inflatable Spidertent is for a local car seller in our town and he need it very shortly so we produced the tent in a few days.
19. September 2016admin
We have a 2.5m high black tent (Black Box) made for our customer. It is very small, but a big eyecatcher.
31. March 2016admin
For Duracell we have made an inflatable tent with the inner dimensions approx. 4.00 x 4.00 m. The tubes have a diameter of approx. 0.90 m. On two sides of ... lesen Sie mehr
28. September 2015admin