Tag: Inflatable roof advertising

For our customer "Sprint" we have produced an inflatable dispenser for roof advertising. Material: PVC 400 gr fully printed. Pillar dimensions: 5m height plus 50 cm base. The column is ... lesen Sie mehr
3. May 2018admin
We built for our customer Revoil from Greece a 5m high panther. The material is black and brushed. He is to be used as a roof advertisement and has got ... lesen Sie mehr
2. November 2017admin
We have produced another inflatable fries bag 5 m high for McDonals restaurant in Glinde. The inflatable replica should promote the opening of a new restaurant near the A24. The ... lesen Sie mehr
18. October 2016admin
inflatable Mc Donald’s fries
These inflatable fries are about 5,00 m high and will be used on roof of Mc Donald's store in the south of Germany.
26. September 2016admin
inflatable roof advertising
Project - Inflatable Bollenhut as roof advertising For a new café in the black forest we designed an inflatable advertising for roof. The idea of the owner: a 5 m high ... lesen Sie mehr
21. July 2016admin