Tag: inflatable bottle

For the customer GUA Sun we produced an inflatable bottle in 8m height. The material is PVC and was printed on both sides. In addition, a lemon was placed on ... lesen Sie mehr
18. September 2019admin
We have produced two beautiful inflatable bottles in 3m height. Material is polyester 280 gr/qm with b1 certificate. Printing: full sublimation printing. The bottles have a wooden floor as stand, ... lesen Sie mehr
6. September 2019admin
We built inflatable Tabasco bottles. These are approx. 2.50 m high, with wooden stand and LED lighting. The material is polyester b1 fully printed with sublimation printing.
28. August 2019admin
For Jägermeister we were again allowed to rebuild inflatable Jägermeister bottles - this time however in "only" 2.00 m height. These inflatable and illuminated bottles are used for promotion purposes at ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
inflatable Krombacher beer bottle
For Krombacher we were allowed to build 150 inflatable beer bottles which were made of PVC 0,18mm material and printed with "Krombacher" label. The bottles are airtight and approx. 2.00 ... lesen Sie mehr
4. Februar 2019admin
inflatable light tube
For our customer we have produced a 2m high illuminated inflatable mayonnaise tube.
4. Juli 2018admin
inflatable gas-bottle
For our customer Westfalen-Gas we produced an inflatable gas bottle in 3m height. Material: PVC fully printed. So the slightly shiny PVC looks similar to the metal bottle.
14. Juni 2018admin
We have produced an inflatable gas bottle for our customer. It is 2.50 meters large and fully printed in 4c. The surface consists of 400 gr/qm PVC.
3. Mai 2018admin
An air-tight inflatable bottle was made for a customer with a height of 2.00 m. The bottle got a fully printed cover.
7. März 2018admin
We produced for Jägermeister several inflatable Jägermeister bottles totaling 2.50 meters. The bottles have a double wooden base, inside a TPU coating and outside a fully printed b1 polyester cover. ... lesen Sie mehr
6. März 2018admin