Tag: inflatable advertising

For the customer Bosch we produced an inflatable cordless screwdriver in 2.50 m height. The cordless screwdriver can be packed in sports bag size and is assembled within 2 minutes. ... lesen Sie mehr
18. September 2019admin
We have produced an inflatable tricot in 3m height for the BVB, which serves as roof advertising for the merchandising car of Borussia Dortmund. The tricot stands on a wooden ... lesen Sie mehr
28. August 2019admin
For BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH we produced an inflatable advertising wall 6m high. The advertising wall was used at the Ski World Cup as an advertising object in the finish ... lesen Sie mehr
28. August 2019admin
We built inflatable Tabasco bottles. These are approx. 2.50 m high, with wooden stand and LED lighting. The material is polyester b1 fully printed with sublimation printing.
28. August 2019admin
For the mobile ice skating rink in Bad Kreuznach we produced an inflatable polar bear at a height of 5 meters. The polar bear stands on an inflatable base to ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
As perimeter advertising for winter sports we have produced 10 m long perimeter advertising. The material is polyester 300 g/m² and was printed on the entire surface using a sublimation printing ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
One of our customers ordered an inflatable, airtight rocket from us for a trade fair. This is made of blue PVC 0.18mm and has a length of approx. 3.00m. The rocket ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
For a customer in Austria we produced a 2.50 m high inflatable corncob. The corn cob stands on a wooden base with permanent fan and LED lighting. The material is ... lesen Sie mehr
27. August 2019admin
We have produced a 4m high inflatable piggy bank for the Frankfurter Sparkasse. Material PVC standard colours red with screen printing.
27. August 2019admin
For the "TÜV Hessen" we have produced an inflatable wall. It measures altogether 3.00m x 1.90m x 1.00m. Material: Polyester b1, fully sublimation printed.
17. April 2018admin