Inflatable exhibition stand Stage/Set/Scenery Berlin

Inflatable exhibition stand Stage/Set/Scenery Berlin

At the Stage/Set/Scenery Berlin 2019 we presented an inflatable booth. The advantage of inflatable booths is the fast erection and dismantling time. All our objects were transported in a station wagon with folded back seats. We brought the following objects with us:

1. inflatable exhibition wall – 4m long, 3m wide and 2.50m high – construction time 2 minutes

2. inflatable tree: 6.50 m high – up to 4.50 m wide: Inflating time: 2 minutes

3. airtight counter and 2 stools – assembly with electric pump in 5 minutes

Material polyester flame retardant – individually printed.

4. plush walking act ca. 2,00 m high

Only a normal power connection is necessary. The stand can easily be set up with 2 persons.

Arrival at trade fair: 16.00 – End of assembly: 17:30 – Dismantling with loading in the car: 40 minutes. Departure 17:46 at the end of the fair 17:00.